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wi2link es una app que te ayuda a encontrar dónde puede obtener WIFI gratuito, un mapa con más de 20mil WIFI hotspots que crecen dia a dia con más de 100 diarios. Cuando un usuario entra a la App, automaticamente se añaden WIFIs abierto en el mapa i són visibles para todo el mundo, de esa forma ayudas a otra gente a conectarse.

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Nabil Titou


The new wi2link is a free directories app, which helps you to connect, this is a beta version of wi2link, we are working hard to make the community bigger and improve the app, please feel free to contact with me for any suggestions or any bug found in the app.
We are working to add free directories in the map like the best restaurants with offers or the chepeast petrol stations near you, for now we added a big database of free WI-FI which you can use for free and be connected always to internet. We also added an easier way to help you to find where your car was parked last time with a route to it.

Free internet, best WI-FI hostpots:

Tired of paying your 3G internet data every month? Try wi2link to find FREE WI-FI in your area, wi2link is a map that shows you all the places where you can find free internet and connect to them just with a click.

wi2link shows open internet networks near to you and other networks shared by others to connect absolutly for FREE!

wi2link save you favorite networks with their password to connect to them in the future with a simple click.
wi2link counts with a big community and data base with free wifi hotpots arround the world, please use the APP to help the community grow and share wifi to help others to get free internet.

Use wi2link as a new WI-FI manager the helps you to connect to best network, also for calculate your password if you own any router with type WLAN_XXXX, if you have a network type WLAN_XXXX and you dont remember your passowrd by default, wi2link will help you to calculate the password and connect to it.

Some Features:
- wi2link save your favorite networks for connect to them automatically when any of them are available
- Use wi2link for calculate default passwords if you own them (Only WLAN_XXXX)
- Share WI-FI networks with the wi2link community
- Connect to networks shared by others

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