Nicho Flap Down

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Aplicación con increíbles gráficos, todos originales. Puntuación muy alta en la store.
Ideal para primera inversión
A los Jugadores les encanta y engancha muchísimo.
Con una buena planificación e inversión para posicionamiento se puede convertir en top.
Música, efectos, gráficos, voces, sonidos... una gran producción.
Varios youtubers han creado videos ya que llama mucho la atención.

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Fernando Manuel Sierra Sanchez

Nicho Flap Down

Nicho flap down, is a fun an exciting action game with aliens on it. The game puts its players in the spaceman, as he rescued your friend from the aliens .

★ - Rescue your fellow aliens!.
★ - Get together all the power Holocrons.
★ - Compare your scores and achievements with your friends.
★ - Get ready for an extraordinary adventure with this easy game to control.
★ - A extremely addictive and surprisingly original game.

Check out the Nicho flap down Trailer -

✔ Evolving-aliens casual gameplay: terror flap down in the cave… it’s a whole new type of puzzling fun
✔ Music and 2d retro : graphics and best soundtrack
✔ Additional Fast-Action Fun game spaceman.
✔ 9 Achievements to suit all styles of play
✔ Auto save game progress
✔ Free to play universal app for Android

The events in Roswell New Mexico changed everything.
We advance and explored through holocrons
Eventually they found us and started the war.
Now I rescue my fallen comrades.
I go inside where nobody dares.

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