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Hidden Object: House legend A Wealth of Betrayal Free

Beware of the red mask...?
A mysterious figure in a red mask named, "Red Masque" has been murdering people from the city. You were called down to follow the clues into finding out this mystery man and stop him for once and for all. However, upon arrival, you've discovered that the townspeople all root for "Red Masque" for some odd reason.
What could be going on? Who is the real criminal? A story of love, death, treachery, lies and uncovered secrets. Will you be able to solve the riddle... before time runs out?

-Adventure Hidden Object game!
-Multiple ways to look for Hidden Objects
-Search for object by picture, word or outline!
-Bonus Spot the difference mini games
-Solve the Mystery!
-5 Levels search for items by word
-4 Levels find the difference

  • iPhone Universal

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  • 2015-06-17

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